Hosted Exchange

Microsoft Exchange is an email server that is used by over 50% of businesses in the United States. The reason for its popularity is that Exchange is very scalable, secure, reliable, and functional. Exchange allows your employees to collaborate as a team and share contacts, calendars, email, and tasks. Additionally, Exchange allows you to use as many computers as you would like...and the information in Outlook is the same on every one! Our Exchange service allows you to plug in different methods of mobile access to retrieve your information from your mobile device. Your information everywhere, anytime, anyway.

Microsoft Exchange is incredibly powerful, but can be quite expensive. After hardware costs, software costs, licensing costs, backup solution, spam solution, and labor costs to implement and maintain it can easily exceed $10,000.00.

Let us manage it for you. With mailboxes as little as $4.00 a month you can get the full power of exchange without the hassle and expense.

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