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"Bringing Order to the Chaos"

Who is TIM?

TIM is a Total Internet Management solution for businesses of all sizes. It is a collection of the best internet tools combined in an easy to use Linux based GUI.


TIM blocks spam at the gateway before it ever gets to the users so there is no need to install any software on the client machines. TIM utilizes Spam Assassin with Bayesian Filters, Razor, OCR for image spam and tarpitting, and with realtime block lists (RBLs) you will always have the best and most current protection. It works with POP, IMAP, and SMTP even if the mail server is not located on-site.

Web Filter and Monitoring

TIM's Web Filtering can enforce network usage policies and monitor user behavior. Key features include the ability to:

  • Protect the network from malware on the web

  • Block time-wasting sites like Facebook and Pinterest

  • Conserve bandwidth by blocking audio/video downloads

  • Pass, Block, and Logging options for all categories, such as gambling, webmail, shopping, and pornography

  • Add your own URLs and file types to block, log, or pass

  • Set time and user based policies (e.g. allow shopping during lunch and outside business hours)

TIM can easily monitor, set, and enforce your own web usage policy. TIM allows for custom blocklists to institute your own policies on hosts, domains and files types to help you block access to what you deem to be inappropriate sites. Reporting enables you to view a big picture of the kind of Web browsing behavior occurring on your network.

Protocol Control

TIM's protocol control covers a broad set of applications, such as Instant Messaging, Peer to Peer activity, online games and streaming media, that can clog your network, reduce productivity, and infect computers with spyware, malware, and viruses. These applications are extremely aggressive and will sneak out on ports used for other vital network traffic such as web and email, making it nearly impossible to control them with firewall rules. Protocol Control takes a different approach to log and/or block these applications using their signatures. This allows you to lock down the unwanted activity.

  • Conserve bandwidth by blocking applications like peer-to-peer that open multiple TCP ports

  • Improve productivity by blocking IM & online games that evade firewall rules

  • Custom rules can be added for any unsupported protocols

  • Protocol control lets you select the protocol signatures to log or block

  • Time based policies let you decide when and if these applications are permitted

  • Reporting lets you see which protocols are active on your network and who is using them

Virus Protection

You can now protect your entire network from virus threats with TIM's purpose-built antivirus application. Whether it's a virus, worm, Trojan or malware TIM's Virus Blocker keeps emails, webmail, downloads, and file transfers safe with the latest advances in antivirus technology, and works within a variety of different protocols. Your business gets full, comprehensive virus protection, updated regularly, so you'll always have the most current protection available. Plus, you'll also get the big picture view of your antivirus environment, including what viruses are being blocked.

  • Unlike desktop solutions, TIM sits at the network gateway so there is only one application to keep up-to-date, and he does that automatically.

  • With TIM sitting on the network Gateway it cannot be accidently or intentionally disabled by users.

  • Protection on the most common email protocols SMTP, IMAP, and POP

  • Protection for webmail and file transfer via HTTP and FTP protocols, an increasingly common route for infection

  • Reports and event logs show you what viruses are being blocked on the network

Spyware Blocker

TIM's spyware blocker blocks spyware at the network gateway before it reaches users desktops.

  • Protect users from browsing websites that install malware

  • Scan network traffic to block spyware before users can install it

  • Signatures are always current with automatic updates

  • Fully customizable block and pass lists

  • Special "request pass" button makes it easy for a user when blocked to request the site to be white listed at the administrator's discretion

  • Event log shows real-time spyware detected and blocked

  • Reports track violations in summary, detail, and by user

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