People-first IT and Cyber Security services serving businesses in Council Bluffs and Omaha

Freedom Services

Unlock the full potential of your IT infrastructure and experience freedom from downtime, technology frustration, and unexpected charges.

Freedom Defense

A comprehensive solution to fortify your business against evolving cyber threats, ensuring your organization's sensitive information remains secure, your operations run smoothly, and your reputation remains intact.

Freedom GRC

Governance - Aligning processes and actions with the organization's business goals
Risk - Identifying and addressing all of the organization's risks
Compliance - Ensuring all activities meet legal and regulatory requirements

Co-Managed IT

A collaborative approach between internal and external IT teams, allowing organizations to maintain an internal IT department to handle day-to-day activities while gaining access to the expertise and resources of an external IT team

Gain an enterprise-level IT department for less cost than an in-house IT department.

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Core Values


Our customers are the people, not their computers.


Our goal is not just to solve problems, but to prevent them.

Solution Driven

No problems without solutions.


We do what’s best for our clients and their people.


We prioritize stability, availability, and quality.


Intimidation-free IT.