While we also support businesses, it is our passion to support nonprofits. We love helping those that are helping others. Our mission is to help nonprofits fulfill their mission by providing them the technology solutions they need. With being the only MSP in the area focused primarily on nonprofits, it has allowed us to have a better understanding of their needs and provide better strategic guidance and support. This includes facilitating in-kind donations, implementing solutions for donors to track their donations, and providing grant assistance with budget forecasts.

Nonprofit Association of the Midlands Business Partner

We are a Nonprofit Association of the Midlands Business Partner


Donation Assistance

We assist in maximizing the products and services offered at discounted rates for nonprofits.  We have extensive experience registering and managing accounts with providers such as TechSoup for free and discounted products from donors such as Microsoft, Adobe, Intuit, Zoom, and dozens more.

Microsoft 365 offers tremendous discounts and free products for nonprofits.  We are able to leverage our deep understanding of their products to make recommendations, implement, and support their products.  In addition to the standard solutions such as Exchange e-mail, Teams, and Office applications, Microsoft provides many other services beneficial to nonprofits.  This includes Microsoft Dynamics 365, which provides better donor visibility.  When donors know exactly what their funds are used for, it can strengthen relationships and increase donations.