Penetration Testing

Best in class penetration testing (pen testing) and remediation guidance starting at $6,500.

A standard penetration test simulates a hacker attempting to force their way into a network by looking for vulnerabilities accessible from the outside. According to the Verizon Data Breach Investigations Report 2022 this accounts for only 25% of all data breaches.

Our penetration testing goes much further, testing your network and systems from the outside and inside, just like a real attacker would. We will identify the information that could be compromised if a user falls victim to a phishing or social engineering scam, so you can take steps to protect your organization.

Our penetration testing will include a detailed deliverable, information to inform your cybersecurity decision making, and guidance on recommended actions to improve your security posture.

Security Patches & Vulnerability Management: Discover whether your network has vulnerabilities resulting from patch management issues.

Your Network’s Perimeter Defense: Using multilayered boundaries, including a firewall, intrusion prevention and intrusion detection are more critical today than ever before. Our scanner will test whether your firewalls are configured correctly and whether they appropriately alarm.

Identity & Access Management: Learn if your team is using stale, repeated or crackable passwords for accounts on your network. We’ll help you institute security best practices for handling passwords and credentials, such as the usage of multi-factor authentication for remote access, critical accounts and administrative accounts, enforcement of a strong password policy, absence of default and/or shared accounts and more.

Identify Serious Data Leaks: Locate where sensitive data is stored on your network and make sure it’s being guarded. Hackers commonly exploit both your network and data assets when attacking your network.

Measure Your Malware Defenses: Determine if you have an appropriate cyber stack that will respond to a simulated virus attack. Deployment of a solution which controls the installation, spread, and execution of malicious code at multiple points is critical.

Benefits of our penetration testing service:

  • Reduce your risk of falling victim to a phishing scam
  • Identify and fix vulnerabilities in your systems that could be exploited by hackers
  • Improve your security awareness and training programs
  • Protect your sensitive data and your reputation
  • Meet your cyber insurance or compliance requirements

Why is this important?

Phishing and social engineering attacks are some of the most common and effective ways for hackers to gain access to networks and systems. By falling victim to a phishing scam, a user could unknowingly disclose sensitive information, such as login credentials, credit card numbers, or social security numbers. This information could then be used by hackers to steal money, commit fraud, or launch further attacks on your organization.

Our penetration testing service provides a more holistic approach to help identify and fix vulnerabilities in your systems that could be exploited by brute force attacks, phishing attacks, or other methods.

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