With today's threat landscape, sharing client information online may expose those clients to risk. Therefore, we do not publicly identify clients. Full references and testimonials can be provided upon request.

Support When It Counts

American PCS utilized their cybersecurity expertise and tools to initiate a response plan. Threat hunting led to the discovery of nearly 40 unique threats across the client's network. A proactive approach was taken, involving isolating compromised machines, terminating malicious processes, and quarantining infected systems.

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Case Study: Cyber Security

Support You Can Trust

The team at American PCS understands how important funding is for nonprofits and reassured her they would get them online, and they did. They were able to bypass the other providers attempt to lock them out, and bring them back online that morning.

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Case Study: Client

It's Bigger Than IT

Recognizing the severity of the vulnerability, the American PCS team wasted no time in alerting the password manager tool's developers. After thorough discussions and collaboration, the password manager provider fixed the vulnerability.

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Case Study: Cyber Security

The level of professionalism, expertise, and dedication demonstrated by the American PCS team has far exceeded our expectations.

Phil T.

American PCS performed our internal and external network penetration testing. The team provided great support throughout the entire process, including planning, execution, and follow-up. The penetration test provided our IT Team with specific actionable data that we used to make immediate improvements to our cyber security posture. Something that sets American PCS apart is its team of professionals who assisted us all along the way. They add value with their expertise and collaboration from beginning to end. We plan to continue leveraging the expertise of American PCS to make our systems, data, & staff safer from cyber criminals and internal threats.

Dave F.

“You guys are the greatest. Thanks for always helping when I have issues!!!”

Brenda A.

“The entire team at American PCS has ALWAYS been quick and courteous.  They not only solve the problem they explain the issue to have a better understanding of the situation.”


Pam B.

“Thanks all! You all are always prompt and helpful, appreciate all you do for us!”

Diane M.

“I love you guys - you are absolute best.”


Anita H.

“The staff @ American PCS that I work with on a routinely basis are always extremely helpful, respectful, and timely.  Our agency is devoted to helping the aging and disability population, we know how to help people, and American PCS knows how to manage our IT needs, so we can focus on those we serve.”

Holly J. S. Caregiver/Information & Assistance Coordinator

"Nate and his staff are top notch. I would not hesitate to refer them to anyone because they will get the job done quickly and correctly. Hire Nate for any of your computer needs, you will not be disappointed!"

Susan C.

“I have had the pleasure of working with Nate and his team. In every instance they have gone above and beyond the call to help and or fix problems.

His team is very knowledgeable and know how to listen. If you ask for a solution you will get a Solution! I will tell everyone I work with to give these guys a call!”

Robert S.